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I am so blessed to have the best clients! I loved working with all of these families this year capturing life for them. As I look back on all of these precious babies I am reminded of the journey I am on and how far I have come. I have had my business since 2008 and had many experiences that led me to the decision to be an exclusive newborn photographer. The turning point in becoming all exclusive was definitely meeting Amy McDaniel and having the opportunity to learn from her at the Innocence Workshop I took in 2014. That workshop was life changing!! This year I have the opportunity to learn from a line up of amazing photographers during the Milky Way’s Newborn Retreat. I am excited for the 2017 workshop to learn from the top newborn photographers! I also just signed up for Kristen Mackey’s monthly newborn workshop series that I am super excited about!! Bring on 2017!

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NOW BOOKING 2017 Newborn Sessions!

Hold on to those first days of your little one’s life with images to treasure forever! Your session is custom crafted around your baby, with special attention given to their comfort and safety. I focus on the details as I patiently work with your little one to arrange every finger and toe to create those cute squishy poses you will love!

My home studio is in West Chester where I have control of my lighting and access to the props and backdrops needed to provide you with beautiful images. Everything is here for you. Your most precious gift is in the best hands. Here everyone is treated like family. Let me capture life for you!

For more information, or to book a session call 484-682-5425 or email me at

I am currently working on updating my website but you can see some of my latest work to give you an example of my style.

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Capturing Happiness | Main Line Newborn Photographer

I was so happy to capture the love and happiness of this couple who welcomed their rainbow baby into the world. For those of you unfamiliar with the term: “A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison.” I loved Mom’s beautiful ideas for the session that gives these images so much meaning. I was happy to hear how much she loved the images too!

“I am very happy about how everything turned out, and I really can’t get enough of your work!  There was a lot going on for us this past month with some ups and downs and I am so glad that we took the time to capture our super new baby and family and it was wonderful to see us all so peaceful and so happy.  The whole shoot experience felt so joyous to me, I was so overwhelmed that my baby was here, we were a family and we were capturing some sweet moments and nothing else that day mattered.  It was so worth it!”

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Lovely Layla | Media Newborn Photographer

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Be playful!

Wow!!! This…. this is what I LOVE to capture, these fleeting moments, the smiles, I can hear the laughter. THIS IS WHAT MATTERS at the end of the day. This is what life is all about!!

I had the pleasure to capture life for a fellow photographer Stephanie Connor, owner of Stephanie Connor Photography. Last year I reached out to Stephanie to see if she was interested in a family photo swap, I was excited when she said yes! I was happy to hear she wanted to do it again this year. I am so inspired by Stephanie’s work, she is amazing! It is nerve racking photographing another photographer hoping to make them proud. I always love working with Stephanie and her family. They make my job easy and I always have a blast. I am so blessed to know Stephanie not only for our cool photo swap set up but for our friendship as well.

I had not done any fall sessions this year as I am focusing on newborns but that said a fire was sparked in my heart tonight, and I remembered what I love so much about family sessions!

I can’t help but smile looking at these images. There is just something about playful images that melts my heart. Sure it is nice to get everyone smiling looking at the camera, but capturing real smiles and letting personalities shine through is what moves me to create. Be in the moment with the ones you love, be present and celebrate the magic!

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No Regrets |Main Line Newborn Photographer

I try to live my life with no regrets, only lessons learned and I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. But I still can’t help but have a few…

In 2009 when my son was born I was just starting out with photography. I am ashamed to admit it but I though because I had an expensive camera and a basket I would be able to create beautiful newborn pictures of my son. Still until this day I question myself, what was I thinking!! I missed out on an opportunity to capture one of life’s biggest miracles in a beautiful way. I do have those images I took and was able to track down the images from the hospital that I didn’t want because I was going to do it myself. The thing I missed out on that I so desperately wish I had is a beautiful image of me and my son

I was so happy to capture this image of Charisse and her son. I am obsessed with parent and baby images. I think it is so important to get in a picture with your little one no matter if you feel like it or not. These are the images you will treasure! They are only this little for a little while…

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I want the best for you, even if it’s not me | Choosing your newborn photographer

Have you ever heard the words I want the best for you even if it’s not me. Maybe you said them to someone, maybe someone said them to you?

Today I am telling you.  I want you to get exactly what you want out of a photography session and if what you are looking for is not my style or something I do I will direct you to the photographer who will be the best fit for you. I think it is important as an artist to know your strengths and weaknesses and as a photographer to have a niche, something that you are passionate about something that excites you. For me that is photographing newborns. I love working with babies during these first days as I mold them into cute sleepy poses and capture the love of their parents and siblings. I like to use simple delicate props, beautiful textures and focus on the details.

There are so many amazing photographers how does one choose? Here are some tips and things to consider when deciding who you will choose as your photographer:

1. Decide if you want your session to be posed and styled with props or do you want natural, unposed and more photojournalistic. Whether you choose a posed session or lifestyle there are photographers who specialize in each style and some who will do either.

2. Do you want to have the session done in a photography studio or in your home. Obviously if you want a lifestyle session you would have the session take place in your home but ideally if you want a posed session you would go to a photographer’s studio. Some photographers will travel for posed sessions and some without a space only travel.

3. Look at each photographers images. Check out their portfolio on their website, their latest blog posts and social media. Ask the photographer if you can see a gallery of their most recent session. This will almost guarantee there will be no surprises for your session. You can get a good idea of what your session will look like from a photographers portfolio and most recent work.

4. Don’t choose your photographer based solely on price. I suggest choosing the top three photographers that you want to work with and look not only at your budget but their style and personality as well.

5. Be sure to have a phone conversation with your photographer  before you book the session. You want to be comfortable with your photographer and get a sense of who they are. Are they excited to work with you, do you trust them? Find out how long they have been in business and how much experience they have with newborns. Photographing newborns takes a lot of patience as well as knowledge of safety techniques. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for testimonials.

They are only this little for a little while and I want you to have images that you love and can treasure forever to remember this magical time!

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Baby Connor | Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

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Precious Ariana | Havertown Newborn Photographer

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Little Lulu | Main Line Newborn Photographer

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joseph | main line newborn photographer

Precious Joseph was the first session I had since being back from my Innocence Workshop with Amy McDaniel owner of Dewdrops Photography and Sandra Bianco owner of Sandra Bianco Photography. It was time to put everything I learned into action! I was so happy to see baby Joseph rock the froggy pose! I have attempted this before but this time succeeded! Having been able to experience that workshop is hands down one of the best things to have ever happened to me.

I loved working with baby Joseph and his parents. There is so much love in that family!! He was so sweet to work with and I am truly blessed to love what I do. It is so beautiful to see new parents experience the joy of their first born. I love seeing the excitement as they take on this new adventure together.


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Innocence Workshop | Amy McDaniel and Sandra Bianco

I last left you with my extreme excitement for what was a definite turning point for my business. My trip to NYC for the Innocence Workshop was nothing short of AMAZING! I spent two wonderful days learning from Amy McDaniel and Sandra Bianco, two extremely inspiring photographers. The workshop was hosted by one of New York Cities finest photographers Lisa Viox owner of Lisa Viox Photography, who knew the best spots for lunch! If you are considering making the investment to take your photography to the next level by taking a workshop I highly recommend it! I was blessed as you know that my aunt was able to support me by helping to fund my trip. And I was so happy to have my husband join me on my adventure and my parents watch the kids for the weekend. The gratitude was flowing!!!

As we drove into NYC the excitement was intense, I felt like my life was about to change for the better, that I would confirm my passion by learning from some of the best and gain the experience to stand confidently and say I am a newborn and children photographer. I was so happy to have my husband with me especially as we entered into NY. The last time I tried to drive in NY alone I went through the same toll booth three times and on the third time  I had to pay my toll with pennies!!

On the day of the workshop, I was happy to meet some attendees in the lobby and head to the workshop together. I was excited to see some familiar faces once we arrived. Julia owner of Julia V Photography and one of my favorite newborn prop shops Pooks & Lulu was there hosting a trunk show and it was great to finally meet Erica McCollam owner of Erica McCollam Photography also a philly area photographer.

The tips I learned during the workshop from posing to styling down to editing confirmed that I was on the right path and gave me that extra knowledge to boost my confidence. During the newborn portion of the workshop I was excited to learn “the froggy pose” the one I tried but could never succeed with prior to this workshop. I was so anxious to have an opportunity to get this shot but so were about 10 other photographers… I worried I wouldn’t get it and of course when it was my turn my trigger wasn’t working, I had to get back in line… my heart sunk but I was so happy that this little angel was able to hold the pose for me to capture it. Amy McDaniel is so inspiring to watch in person. I knew at that moment that this was my life’s purpose. Capturing these moments and creating art in this way for parents to treasure is so important. They are only this little for a little while.

After an amazing (throwing another dollar into the amazing jar) morning with Amy and all the little ones we headed to Central Park to photograph some beautiful girls styled by Sandra Bianco. Sandra is truly inspiring and it was fun watching her in her element. I did find this part of the experience a little more challenging. During the morning we stood in line and one after another had space to get the shot however during the afternoon portion of the workshop it was every photographer for themselves. I think children are difficult subjects because you need to work to get that connection. During my children/family sessions I am usually breaking a sweat trying to capture that connection. Sometime I even ask Mom and Dad to take a little walk in order to capture those genuine moments. For me it isn’t about the smiles and what the kids look like but who they are. I was happy to get this snapshot of the three girls while heading to our next location, such a sweet moment!

I loved every minute of this experience and  I am so grateful for how it has helped me on my personal journey. I had daydreamed about attending a workshop for quite sometime and was thrilled to attend one for myself. Not only did the workshop exceed my expectation but it came complete with props from Lavender Gray, Vanilla Lullaby, Prop Me Up, Style me Jamie and a sample frame from Organic Bloom. The best part is the learning doesn’t end… the exclusive Facebook group for all of Amy McDaniel’s attendees is such a great place to learn and grow, everyone is so supportive and Amy is also very active in the group as well. I will never forget how happy I was to have had this experience, meet and learn from Amy McDaniel and Sandra Bianco and to confirm my deep passion for photography. Seeing these women be successful doing what they love gives me hope. I am hopefully that as I continue this path I too will be all I dream of and have the ability to help support my family doing what I love. It is truly a blessing having the opportunity to do what you love and love what you do, I will continue to fight to make my dream a reality!



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chase and ella’s favorite things giveaway

I can’t believe it is finally here! I waited for almost a year for this day to get here and even longer for my husband to say yes. And none of this would be possible without my aunt who loaned me the money for this to happen. Now I feel I can say it out loud as it is really happening! I am headed to NYC for a complete newborn and children photography workshop with Dewdrops Photography by Amy McDaniel and Sandra Bianco Photography. I can’t wait to learn from these two inspiring women!!

As some of you know my journey with photography started in 2008 while searching for a wedding photographer. At the time my husband thought both he and I would be wedding photographers. That idea quickly passed but my love for photography became stronger. I have always loved all things art. As a former graphic designer and high school art teacher, being an artist is something inside of me. With the birth of my son I was fortunate to stay home with him which gave me the time to learn how to be a better photographer. Since I am kinda putting it out there I am not going to lie. When I was given my first camera as a birthday gift from my husband I assumed that because I owned an expensive camera I was a photographer and could start a business. I put that puppy on auto and thought I could do anything any other photographer could do. I even thought I could take my son’s newborn pictures. And yes this is the sad reality of what I have to look back on to remember those first few precious days. I couldn’t have thought this was good! What was I thinking!! I should have hired a professional! It was later that year that I met a women who helped guide me, teaching me a thing or two and showing me where I could go to learn more. It was then that I knew I was not capable of starting a business at that time.

Somewhere along the journey my taste level changed and nothing I did was good enough. Looking back almost exactly 5 years since I took this image I can smile, laugh at my mistakes and feel proud of how far I have come with the help of books, the internet, videos, webinars and the critique and support of others in my field.

This is my most recent newborn and as you can see I have come a long way! The thing is after you feel you have exhausted ever source you know there comes a time when learning directly from others in your field is the next step. I feel like I have hit a hault learning on my own and I am over the moon excited about what will happen next!

In honor of the journey I have been on to this point and to how this experience will shape me as an artist I am giving away some of chase and ella’s favorite things to celebrate!

A $25 gift certificate to lulu’s casita.
Who doesn’t love lulu’s casita! Ever since my kids first stepped foot in this place they ask all the time to go back! Have you heard they just officially finished their lulu’s casita 2.0 renovations! We were happy to celebrate the re-opening day with them. Chase and Ella love lulu’s!

A $25 gift certificate to pucciManuli.
I had the pleasure of seeing this store in person for the launch party of Dreamland Fairy. I have since developed an addiction. I just love this store, it really is for children of all ages:) I happened to get a sneak peak and some new books hitting the shelves and will be headed back soon. This is the best place for unique finds and gifts. Chase and Ella love pucciManuli!

A $25 gift certificate to The Sweet Trading Company.
It was last winter when I first stepped into The Sweet Trading Company, it may have been the peanut butter patty that sold me or maybe it was the richness of the dark chocolate but as soon as Valentine’s day hit I was in love! I love shopping at The Sweet Trading Company to get my chocolate fix and for gift giving. When I decide to share, Chase and Ella love The Sweet Trading Company!

I feel like there are certain moments in your life, turning points that help lead and guide you to reach your potential. I look forward to this long awaited turning point and am so grateful for this upcoming experience! What turning point in your life helped you reach your potential?

Enter to WIN! Please note these stores are in the Philadelphia area specifically Ardmore and Narberth.

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Back to School Mini Sessions are here!!

School will be here soon! Start the year with  a fun twist on school pictures. Now booking Back to School Mini Sessions! Your session includes a 20 minute session with one digital download for $50. Additional children are $25 for session and digital image. Limited spots available! Book your session TODAY!

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reagan | Media Newborn Photographer

Moments like this just melt my heart! The love between a mother and daughter captured during these first precious days is so beautiful. I loved working with little Reagan she was such a doll and a great sleeper too! Mom wanted more neutral tones and I was really wanting to use my new backdrop from Roses and Ruffles so it worked out perfectly. And as always I had to use some of my favorite props by Pooks and Lulu. I really feel in love with neutral tones during this session. I also was able to get a taco pose which I was very proud of myself for:) It is a bit of a work in progress but I am getting there. I am so super excited for my upcoming Innocence Workshop with Amy McDaniel and Sandra Bianco. I can not believe it is almost here. Happy dance!!!!

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