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I can’t believe it is finally here! I waited for almost a year for this day to get here and even longer for my husband to say yes. And none of this would be possible without my aunt who loaned me the money for this to happen. Now I feel I can say it out loud as it is really happening! I am headed to NYC for a complete newborn and children photography workshop with Dewdrops Photography by Amy McDaniel and Sandra Bianco Photography. I can’t wait to learn from these two inspiring women!!

As some of you know my journey with photography started in 2008 while searching for a wedding photographer. At the time my husband thought both he and I would be wedding photographers. That idea quickly passed but my love for photography became stronger. I have always loved all things art. As a former graphic designer and high school art teacher, being an artist is something inside of me. With the birth of my son I was fortunate to stay home with him which gave me the time to learn how to be a better photographer. Since I am kinda putting it out there I am not going to lie. When I was given my first camera as a birthday gift from my husband I assumed that because I owned an expensive camera I was a photographer and could start a business. I put that puppy on auto and thought I could do anything any other photographer could do. I even thought I could take my son’s newborn pictures. And yes this is the sad reality of what I have to look back on to remember those first few precious days. I couldn’t have thought this was good! What was I thinking!! I should have hired a professional! It was later that year that I met a women who helped guide me, teaching me a thing or two and showing me where I could go to learn more. It was then that I knew I was not capable of starting a business at that time.

Somewhere along the journey my taste level changed and nothing I did was good enough. Looking back almost exactly 5 years since I took this image I can smile, laugh at my mistakes and feel proud of how far I have come with the help of books, the internet, videos, webinars and the critique and support of others in my field.

This is my most recent newborn and as you can see I have come a long way! The thing is after you feel you have exhausted ever source you know there comes a time when learning directly from others in your field is the next step. I feel like I have hit a hault learning on my own and I am over the moon excited about what will happen next!

In honor of the journey I have been on to this point and to how this experience will shape me as an artist I am giving away some of chase and ella’s favorite things to celebrate!

A $25 gift certificate to lulu’s casita.
Who doesn’t love lulu’s casita! Ever since my kids first stepped foot in this place they ask all the time to go back! Have you heard they just officially finished their lulu’s casita 2.0 renovations! We were happy to celebrate the re-opening day with them. Chase and Ella love lulu’s!

A $25 gift certificate to pucciManuli.
I had the pleasure of seeing this store in person for the launch party of Dreamland Fairy. I have since developed an addiction. I just love this store, it really is for children of all ages:) I happened to get a sneak peak and some new books hitting the shelves and will be headed back soon. This is the best place for unique finds and gifts. Chase and Ella love pucciManuli!

A $25 gift certificate to The Sweet Trading Company.
It was last winter when I first stepped into The Sweet Trading Company, it may have been the peanut butter patty that sold me or maybe it was the richness of the dark chocolate but as soon as Valentine’s day hit I was in love! I love shopping at The Sweet Trading Company to get my chocolate fix and for gift giving. When I decide to share, Chase and Ella love The Sweet Trading Company!

I feel like there are certain moments in your life, turning points that help lead and guide you to reach your potential. I look forward to this long awaited turning point and am so grateful for this upcoming experience! What turning point in your life helped you reach your potential?

Enter to WIN! Please note these stores are in the Philadelphia area specifically Ardmore and Narberth.

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