feeling beautiful during pregnancy with Allison | Philadelphia Maternity Photographer

Meet my friend Allison… I have know Allison for a few years now. I am happy I got the chance to know her. She tells things like they are and let’s you know it is okay for you to as well. I was glad Allison agreed to participate in this project. She actually let me take pictures of her more than once. Our first attempt I had her lying in water and rocks draped in fabric. Unfortunately my vision for the shoot didn’t go as planned. That’s the thing about photography… it’s okay to take risks. Everything is a learning experience! I take lots of risks some work others not so much… but it never stops me from trying. Alison was a trooper! I am so thankful she let me experiment. After her bump was a little larger we went back out and tried again. I can’t decide which belly picture I like better but I love that moment I caught between her and her girls. Those are the kinds of images I strive to deliver!

This is what she had to say:

What were your first thoughts when you saw the images?

I was kind of nervous to see them since I am not a fan of pictures of myself with a normal body, let alone a huge belly.  But really liked them and thought Tina did a great job! I was happy to get one of me and the girls before their sister arrives… I can’t even get a halfway decent picture with both girls let alone all three of us and Tina gets these amazing shots! Teresa just being silly and Grace looking like she is looking to get into trouble- this is so my life and I don’t know how Tina captures these things!!

What has been your biggest struggle with how you feel during your pregnancy?

My biggest struggle has been the fluctuations in how I feel physically. I would have periods where I felt great and could work out in the morning and then be out with both kids all day long completely fine. Then I would have periods where I would feel like I barely had the energy to do normal everyday things, and by the end of the day my body was in so much pain.

Do you struggle to feel confident with your new body?

At times yes. Many people who knew I was pregnant would say I looked too small, my due date must be wrong.  Then I would think how I must just look fat and not pregnant.

What have you enjoyed most with the changes of your body?

This time around my body didn’t really change at all except for my belly and boobs so I’d have to say those. I enjoy my belly because my younger daughter will kiss my belly and say “I gave your baby a kiss”.  So on the days I feel like I am in pain and have no energy, when she does that it reminds me that I am growing a person in me and how strong women are to do that and it’s ok to.

Is capturing your pregnant self-important to you?

With this pregnancy I think I am glad I got a chance to capture it so I can look back later.  With my previous two pregnancies I appreciated being pregnant more, this time I found myself focusing on the things I couldn’t do since I was pregnant and didn’t have as much of a positive attitude.  Also I was focused on taking care of my two kids since I was home full time with them, along with doing the paperwork for my husband’s company during his busy season.  So I felt like I had no time to actually focus on being pregnant. Participating in this project let me focus on myself for a moment.