feeling beautiful during pregnancy with Leslie | Philadelphia Maternity Photographer

It was totally by chance that I came across the blog And Her Little Dog Too and of course I needed to see what it was about. Leslie writes about healthy living, eating and running in Philadelphia with her dog Jackson. While reading a few posts I noticed that she was pregnant. I was just beginning my maternity project at that time and I was searching for models so I reached out to her. I was so happy she agreed to be a part of my project. I started this maternity project to not only help pregnant women feel good about themselves during what can be a difficult time accepting all of the changes going on with your body but to also continue on my journey and explore the world of maternity photography. Before this project I only had done a few maternity sessions. If you have been following this series the women I have photographed so far are already mommies. Leslie was my first mama to be so we tried a little something different. This was a two part session. Our first session included her husband and Jackson. And the second session we focused only on Leslie complete with a few perks! A special thanks to Charisse owner of Salon Charisse for the gorgeous hair and makeup and for use of the jewlery compliments of Lady Glam. Mary Sawyer for the maternity gown. And to Jim Bevlock owner of Herban Design for the flowers that were the perfect touch! Check out my adventures of Leslie, her husband Charles and of course her little dog too!

The following Sunday a week later I met Leslie over at Salon Charisse where she got her hair and makeup done. This was my first time meeting Charisse. She was so great! Not only is she super talented but so sweet too! I was so grateful to my friend Stephanie Seal for the referral!

This is the necklace Leslie wore for the photo session. Thanks Lady Glam!

I was so pleased when Jim Bevlock owner of Herban Design brought me this arrangement for the session! It was exactly what I had in mind! This is nothing! You need to go check out his beautifully designed artistic arrangements!

It was a very windy day. When I first saw they were calling for wind I was very excited. That meant I might get some movement in the dress which we did! But that same wind was a little of a challenge to work with. Leslie was such an amazing model! She was so easy going. I had the best time working with Leslie it was such a fun experience. I learned so much in these two weeks and I am so thankful Leslie allowed me to share this special time with her and capture life!

I interviewed Leslie to find out if she had any struggles on feeling beautiful during pregnancy and her thoughts on the experience she had this to say:

What were your first thoughts when you saw the images?

I was immediately in love. Tina did such an amazing job capturing our growing little family – it was amazing to be able to take these pictures and capture these moments, of our last few weeks as a family of 3 {including our dog, Jackson} before our little guy arrives in a few short weeks!

What has been your biggest struggle with how you feel during your pregnancy?

Thankfully, I have had a really great pregnancy so far. I didn’t struggle with much morning sickness in the beginning {other than some nausea for a few weeks}, and I think I have been slowly growing my baby bump so it hasn’t been an overwhelming change or too much too soon physically. My biggest struggle has been emotionally preparing for this big change in our lives and feeling really ready for the whole labor & delivery process.

Do you struggle to feel confident with your new body?

I have been focusing on really embracing each and every change with my new body – I think pregnancy is so different for each and every woman and it’s such a beautiful thing. I have been really proud to show off my baby bump and find myself reaching towards items in my closet that highlight my growing belly. I am proud of the fact that I live a healthy lifestyle and have continued to keep that a priority throughout this pregnancy.

What have you enjoyed most with the changes of your body?

I have loved being pregnant – it’s been so amazing to watch my body grow and change bit by bit. I have been taking weekly photos, in the same outfit – and it’s been so incredible to look back and see how my baby bump has grown. It’s crazy to look back at the first few photos and see how much my body has changed.

Is capturing your pregnant self-important to you?

So important! This is such a special time of my life, and our life as husband and wife {and parents-to-be!} I know that it will never be just us, like this again. When/if we have more children, there will already be another baby in the mix so I am treasuring these last few weeks, enjoying each kick and focusing on providing a comfortable home for our growing boy until he is ready to make his appearance into the world.


Interested in following the rest of Leslie’s pregnancy be sure to check out her blog And Her Little Dog Too for updates on everything from how she is feeling to her weekly food cravings!