feeling beautiful during pregnancy with Nicole | Philadelphia Maternity Photographer

While working on my feeling beautiful during pregnancy series I always had my eye out looking for someone to participate in my project. When I approached Nicole she was a little reluctant at first. I was happy when she later agreed! I love capturing this exciting time right before a family grows.

What were your first thoughts when you saw the images?

I look nice.

What has been your biggest struggle with how you feel during your pregnancy?

All of the changes you go through, and your emotions going wild can’t help.

Do you struggle to feel confident with your new body?

Yes very much, it is hard to feel confident when you just keep getting larger.

What have you enjoyed most with the changes of your body?

Knowing that this all happens in perpetration of such a perfect little baby.

Is capturing your pregnant self-important to you?

Yes it is important to me, I think it’s nice for your child to see what you looked like while pregnant with them.