Innocence Workshop | Amy McDaniel and Sandra Bianco

I last left you with my extreme excitement for what was a definite turning point for my business. My trip to NYC for the Innocence Workshop was nothing short of AMAZING! I spent two wonderful days learning from Amy McDaniel and Sandra Bianco, two extremely inspiring photographers. The workshop was hosted by one of New York Cities finest photographers Lisa Viox owner of Lisa Viox Photography, who knew the best spots for lunch! If you are considering making the investment to take your photography to the next level by taking a workshop I highly recommend it! I was blessed as you know that my aunt was able to support me by helping to fund my trip. And I was so happy to have my husband join me on my adventure and my parents watch the kids for the weekend. The gratitude was flowing!!!

As we drove into NYC the excitement was intense, I felt like my life was about to change for the better, that I would confirm my passion by learning from some of the best and gain the experience to stand confidently and say I am a newborn and children photographer. I was so happy to have my husband with me especially as we entered into NY. The last time I tried to drive in NY alone I went through the same toll booth three times and on the third time  I had to pay my toll with pennies!!

On the day of the workshop, I was happy to meet some attendees in the lobby and head to the workshop together. I was excited to see some familiar faces once we arrived. Julia owner of Julia V Photography and one of my favorite newborn prop shops Pooks & Lulu was there hosting a trunk show and it was great to finally meet Erica McCollam owner of Erica McCollam Photography also a philly area photographer.

The tips I learned during the workshop from posing to styling down to editing confirmed that I was on the right path and gave me that extra knowledge to boost my confidence. During the newborn portion of the workshop I was excited to learn “the froggy pose” the one I tried but could never succeed with prior to this workshop. I was so anxious to have an opportunity to get this shot but so were about 10 other photographers… I worried I wouldn’t get it and of course when it was my turn my trigger wasn’t working, I had to get back in line… my heart sunk but I was so happy that this little angel was able to hold the pose for me to capture it. Amy McDaniel is so inspiring to watch in person. I knew at that moment that this was my life’s purpose. Capturing these moments and creating art in this way for parents to treasure is so important. They are only this little for a little while.

After an amazing (throwing another dollar into the amazing jar) morning with Amy and all the little ones we headed to Central Park to photograph some beautiful girls styled by Sandra Bianco. Sandra is truly inspiring and it was fun watching her in her element. I did find this part of the experience a little more challenging. During the morning we stood in line and one after another had space to get the shot however during the afternoon portion of the workshop it was every photographer for themselves. I think children are difficult subjects because you need to work to get that connection. During my children/family sessions I am usually breaking a sweat trying to capture that connection. Sometime I even ask Mom and Dad to take a little walk in order to capture those genuine moments. For me it isn’t about the smiles and what the kids look like but who they are. I was happy to get this snapshot of the three girls while heading to our next location, such a sweet moment!

I loved every minute of this experience and  I am so grateful for how it has helped me on my personal journey. I had daydreamed about attending a workshop for quite sometime and was thrilled to attend one for myself. Not only did the workshop exceed my expectation but it came complete with props from Lavender Gray, Vanilla Lullaby, Prop Me Up, Style me Jamie and a sample frame from Organic Bloom. The best part is the learning doesn’t end… the exclusive Facebook group for all of Amy McDaniel’s attendees is such a great place to learn and grow, everyone is so supportive and Amy is also very active in the group as well. I will never forget how happy I was to have had this experience, meet and learn from Amy McDaniel and Sandra Bianco and to confirm my deep passion for photography. Seeing these women be successful doing what they love gives me hope. I am hopefully that as I continue this path I too will be all I dream of and have the ability to help support my family doing what I love. It is truly a blessing having the opportunity to do what you love and love what you do, I will continue to fight to make my dream a reality!