Leading with my heart

I am feeling really ready for 2014 and all of the exciting new things happening. Can you believe I have been building this business since 2008 and just now completing my business plan! Not your traditional business plan by any means as you can see from these pictures. I created this box to keep my business plan ideas sorted in a way that makes sense to me. I love it and it really helps keep me focused on what’s important and the direction I’m moving! I have heard many people say you do not need a business plan, and also know many people who do not have one, but for me having a plan seems like an obvious step toward success. I was so happy to learn of the book The Right-Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee. This book has given me direction on how to tackle writing a business plan. The best part is that it can be whatever you want it to be, which is my kind of plan! I choose to use the analogy of a flower as the main symbol. The roots of my flower hold all of the details. My journey has been similar to that of a flower but not just any flower… a perineal which comes back year after year. Each year I come back my roots and my desire are stronger.

It’s crazy when I think back to where I have been and how far I have come. Many days it is overwhelming to think where I am headed and how I will get there. Luckily my passion pushes me to fight for my dreams. It is a hard battle finding the time to make my dream of owning a successful photography business a reality while being a “stay at home mom” to two little ones. I am still in the building stages trying to use my time wisely and stay focused. Owning a business requires a lot of determination and detication. Looking back on the past year brings me joy thinking about all of the amazing people I was able to work with and tell their story. Everytime I picked up my camera to capture life I felt it. I can’t really explain the feeling but it is a joy that comes from inside. It is a true love for what I am doing. I once heard the phrase “Do what you love and the rest will follow.” These are the words I live by now. I know if I lead with my heart that good things will come.

My major goal this year is to keep working toward the dream of becoming a successful newborn, child and family photographer.  My plan for this is to learn from those who are successful doing it. I will be heading to a workshop in NYC where I will learn from two amazing photographers. One who specializes in newborns, the other in child photography. I seriously am so excited for this opportunity I could burst. I actually might burst waiting for it!!! Thanks to my family and friends for your support and believing in me and a special thank you to my Aunt Anna for making it possible!

This year I will be continuing my focus to specialize in wall art for your home. I want to decorate your home with beautiful images for you to enjoy everyday. Let me help you get those images off of your computer and onto your walls! My sessions include a pre home consultation and during your in person ordering session I will be able to show you what canvases, standouts and framed prints will look like exactly on your wall. I am working with an exciting new program and I can’t wait to use it! Because I am so excited to start decorating your walls the first three people to purchase a session for the new year will receive a 16×20 canvas!!

Everything I do is unique to your needs. When you decide to work with me as your photographer you are purchasing an experience. One that I know will result in capturing life’s precious moments that you can look at everyday as they decorate your home! My dream is for all families to cherish their time together and be photographed doing it. I then want you to look at those moments everyday to be reminded that life is the most precious thing we have and the love that evolves from that is one of the greatest gifts!

As you may know with growth comes changes, lots of new changes that I am very excited about. I am looking forward to letting my heart lead me as I continue on this journey!!

“There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs.” I have been climbing them for a while and I will continue to climb this year!