mary elizabeth | philadelphia newborn photographer

I was so excited to hear when Mary Elizabeth arrived. I love posing newborns and embrace ever chance I get to work with them. Posing them into cute squishy poses is so fullfilling. Waiting until they fall into a deep sleep and then working to perfect the pose and fix each finger, makes me feel like a sculptor, I am immediately transported to my happy place.

Some newborns fall asleep right away and others take awhile. Some will let you do poses other newborns will not do. Each newborn is always so different. Mary Elizabeth had quite the strong left kick. It took awhile for her to relax her leg and Mom let us know that Mary Elizabeth had been using that leg to kick her all through pregnancy. Taking advantage of these precious moments is so important as they are fleeting. In fact the best time to photography newborns is before they are 10 days old. They are only this little for a little while.