Maternity | Havertown Family Photographer

This maternity session was very special as it marked a turning point for me. This was the first session I had done since I re-branded. Formerly Infinite Impressions Photography I had decided to name my business after my two children. Being home with them has given me this opportunity to pursue my passion.  Photography is such a personal journey for me and it is about to get more personal! I usually don’t write in my posts but I have decided to stop worrying about what I say and just be me. As I drove home from this session I smiled the entire way. Seriously I did! I was not only so happy to work with such an amazing family but I was so happy to be doing what I love. I could not believe the patience and cooperation everyone had during this session. It was so cold! I wore two pairs of pants and had on a scarf. We planned for a beautiful spring day but mother nature had her own plans. How beautiful is Mom and what a cute family!