My first twins!!! | Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

I have been looking to photograph newborn twins for awhile now. I was so excited that my friend Amy put me in touch with Jeanne, mom to these adorable boys. I knew posing twins would be a new challenge, so I was happy to learn that Jeanne would be up for it and graciously let me practice with her boys. Let me tell you, Jeanne is a breath of fresh air, filled with happiness and positivity. It was such a pleasure to work with her, her mother-in-law, Maribeth, and the boys of course! When she arrived, she introduced the boys as Baby Buddha and Street Fighter. At the time, I though how cute and didn’t think much of it. As the session progressed, I noticed Jake aka Street Fighter was pretty awake. I was a little surprised to see him so alert. Even when I did finally have him settled, every time I tried to move his hands he was startled and would wake. I can be a little stubborn while posing as time is not an issue for me. I will wait as long as it takes for the babies to get into that deep sleep. I have had sessions last five hours, but something tells me Jake would have fought me the whole way. I was so happy to have Maribeth working with us, as she works with newborns all the time. Keegan aka Baby Buddha of course was knocked out and slept through most of the session, except when I tried to position his brother on his back. He always had the top bunk in the belly so there was no way he was trading spots now! I love how we were able to capture the personalities of these two adorable little boys. Even in the picture of the two boys, you can see Jake has his little fist out! He refused to let me straighten his fingers. Overall, this was the best “first” experience I could have asked for!

I was so happy to receive an announcement from Jeanne welcoming the boys into the world. I love seeing how my clients use their images. This announcement is so sweet! The design for the announcement was done by Jeanne’s friend Barbara Chotiner from bz design stuff. I just love it and plan on shopping at bz design stuff in the future!